Our Products - Overview

We provide software to support good, informed decision-making across a wide range of industries, for business planning, sales forecasting, and inventory management.

Highly intuitive to use...

Our software is browser-based, to make accessing data much simpler for all concerned. Because the easier we make it for your people, the faster you get the data you need, and the more current the data, the better the decision-making. Authorised users just need a computer and the web to gain access from anywhere 24/7, that means zero client footprint.

...tuned to your business needs...

General purpose spreadsheet tools are fine, if you want run of the mill performance. If you're really looking to refine decisions and make the kind of choices that make a difference to an already healthy business, you need something more. We use very high-quality, well-proven algorithms, that have evolved in conjunction with leading Universities. We also fine-tune our systems, to match the precise needs of your business.

...providing one view of all your data

Our software is designed to process substantial amounts of hierarchal and non-hierarchal data and because all the data is stored in a single database, you can compare facts of the same type across different datasets in a single view.