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Better market intelligence for the brewing industry

A major brewer needed better information on its own - and its competitors' - sales, to refine its sales and marketing strategy.

What it didn't want, was to incur the additional overhead of installing and maintaining a server-based solution - margins in this highly competitive industry are sensitive, so it was looking for something fast and easy to implement, and very easy to use.

How we helped

Investigator gives the company a real insight into its own data, while data feeds from a well known market research company amplify analyses and forecasts with crucial information on competitors' performance. The whole system has been integrated with the company's own internal web site, too, a simple exercise which dramatically improves the quality of information available to field sales staff.

See for yourself!

Why not put Investigator to the test? Talk to us about a hands-on demonstration geared specifically to your business, your needs, and your data.

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