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Better forecasting in the pharmaceuticals sector

Manufacturing-driven forecasts for self-medication and generic products were giving the UK arm of a major pharmaceutical manufacturer real problems.

Traditionally, sales forecast figures were based on what the factory had produced, rather than what the market would want. As a result, accurate financial forecasting was virtually impossible, and production targets reflected out-of-date information. It wasn't so much a case of the tail wagging the dog, as the dog chasing its tail round in circles...

How we helped

Lack of data wasn't the problem for this company - it was lack of information. Investigator gave the company a forecasting system that would let it combine production data with marketing-generated estimates - and also incorporate external market research data to give a fully rounded picture. Sales and marketing teams and production planners can then slice and dice that information to present it in the most appropriate form for their purposes.

With more trustworthy figures and forecasts to work on, planning and control has improved at all levels.

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